Creative and empowering workshops for women

Every woman has experienced oppression of patriarchal society in her life and put aside most of her authentic feminine qualities. This can manifest as invisible inherited patterns of behaviour, deep fear of punishment, or feeling that feminine energy is dangerous and unacceptable. This seriously restricts a woman's inherent potential, the free flow of prana, creating blockages and health problems. In her natural state every woman shines and exudes radiance. It goes without saying that this restriction has an adverse effect on the pleasant and harmonious life of a man as well.
In her workshops and sessions at Centar Staze, Andrea is dedicated to helping women shine freely and be at their best through pleasure and creativity, be it in a circle of women, small groups or at one-to-one individual sessions.
Come and express your radiant self and enjoy this work regardless of your age, status, shape or cultural background!


Red Circle on New Moon

Introductory Workshop - Initiation into work at Pathways Centre

Red Circle is your first step into workshops at Pathways Centre, where you can meet and experience work of Andrea Weiss Sadeh. This is an initiation into healing creativity of a woman which will reconnect you to your innate feminine power in your body and bring it back to your life. Following its mysterious ways, Red Circle touches the core of each woman’s feminine essence and awakes her creativity, inner beauty and wisdom. Red Circle is a basic, flowing and simple expression of feminine essence and yet it deeply resonates with your feminine nature of Goddess. Through conscious breathing, free movement, dance, free style drawing, giving and receiving support from other women in Circle, you shall find your own centre of feminine energy. Red Circle is a tiny precious part of what we do in Pathways Centre. If you come for the first time to check what it’s all about, this is the right workshop for you.

Women´s Night Out

Rejuvenate your Feminine Essence once a week

Women's Night Out is an opportunity to relax, enjoy and be inspired, which is essential for every woman to feel feminine. You don't need any preparation or knowledge, special looks or attitude to join women's gathering. You already have all that is needed. You can simply BE, be a woman that you are, that's perfect. Your age is not a condition, your painting or dancing experience is not a condition. It is only your wish that you really want to be there, the little inner voice that is grasping for your attention: „Yes! I want to be part of THIS! I need this!“ During two hours time we shall breathe, meditate, move, dance, draw, share our insights and stories. But the most important part is allowing ourselves to relax deeply and feel our feminine beauty and glow. Each gathering will be guided by a special word. This magical word will lead us through the evening , and we shall explore its various meanings in our women's world.

Eve´s Garden

4 ongoing creative workshops to discover your intimate womanhood

This is a cycle of 4 workshops that gives you opportunity to discover in a safe and intimate space story of your most beautiful body parts, the flowers of your femininity- your sexual organs. Each woman has intense and various emotions connected to them. They make it possible for us to live life of a woman, being the source and foundation of feminine experience through orgasm and pleasure of sexuality, menstruation, ovulation, conception, phoetal development, giving birth, breastfeeding and menopause. During this cycle of workshops you will look into your intimate story, feel the essence of your femininity and experience the true purpose of your sexual organs. The 4 ongoing workshops are:

  1. Vagina, clitoris, vulva, birth canal
  2. Uterus
  3. Ovaries and fallopian tubes
  4. Breasts

The purpose of this workshop is to heal the wounded parts of our femininity and has no nudity or obscene or explicit exercises.

Body Maps

6 ongoing creative workshops of intuitive reconnection to your body

This workshop will enable you to listen to the messages of your body in a new intuitive way. Your body shall reconnect to all of its parts as a whole, and start a fascinating healing process. During six connected sessions you will meet your body intimately, read its signposts, explore its reliefs and textures, look for the sources of water, fire and light, discover realms of life and death and uncover different landscapes and terrains, which we shall paint on a large piece of paper 2mx1,5m. You shall focus your full attention on your body and get in touch with those parts of the body where there is a severed or no connection, or emptiness, as well as these parts where you feel abundance and fullness. Your body will give you the tale of your life, which is authentic and touching, and different from what you think about it. This intuitive body tale will help you paint your Body Map. The workshop includes conscious breathing, meditation, movement, free dance and free painting.

Radiant Shakti

Ongoing weekend workshops to enhance woman's authentic radiance

This ongoing workshop will help you to radiate your power, wisdom and authenticity without fear. It is designed as a creative flow of experiential exercises aimed at raising awareness on our own femininity and exercises to stimulate circling of female energy in our own energy field.

Working with women for many years, I have seen many obstacles which women encounter when they wish to radiate their female energy without inhibitions. When they receive no support on this path, they withdraw fearfully and suppress their true nature. They adopt patterns of behaviour which give them a sense of acceptance and belonging in a patriarchal community. However, these patterns come at a high price, the price of suppressing our own primal nature. When a woman does not live in line with her true nature, this leads to deep dissatisfaction and increases the probability of developing illnesses, physical as well as psychological, and it also decreases chances for a healthy conception, normal pregnancy and childbirth.

Paintings of love

Gentle workshops for expectant mothers

This is a workshop for future (and current) moms.

Every expectant mother talks to her baby every day. What she says only the baby hears. These soft words fill them both with radiance as they grow in sweetness and divine peace. When we translate them to colour and form, these words turn into paintings of love. These workshops are the place to paint these paintings. One day you will show them to your child and she will laugh sweetly, secretively, and you will know that she had known everything from the very beginning. Even before you started mixing the paints. Together with paints and brushes we shall also use music, gentle body exercises and sharing with other expectant mothers, there will be some dancing and some healthy snacks. The workshop is designed as a monthly cycle comprising 4 sessions, and you are welcome to attend during all the nine months of the pregnancy. Individual session is possible as well. Facilitator of these workshops is a mother of three children, and hopes to be a grandmother one day

Birth of Venus

Seven-day Summer Retreat of Creativity and Pleasure for Goddesses 

Birth of Venus is a lush summer workshop for women who want to experience deep relaxation and freedom from everyday life so that they can express their innate creativity in an intuitive, feminine way. The intention of this workshop is to enable women to get in touch with their own ability to feel PLEASURE, not only sexual pleasure but also lush enjoyment of everyday life in all its fullness. Birth of Venus is a birth of Goddess in every woman, her authentic beauty and power. During this workshop we shall listen to our opening hearts and bodies, dance, breathe, do massages and share our richness and abundance. Each participant will create a painting- Body Map of the Goddess on a paper at the size of our body. The body of Goddess will be born and created in front of our eyes intuitively and spontaneously. This process of embodiment of Goddess will last six evenings, inspired by purity and abundance of nature at Šolta Island in Adriatic Sea.

Vagina Revealed

Open your vagina to pleasure, beauty and power and make a loving and healing painting of your vulva.

Radionica je zamišljena kao trosatni tjelesno-energetsko-kreativni proces tijekog kojeg ćemo se uzemljiti, pronaći svoje središte, probuditi svoje tijelo kroz vježbe tjelesno-orijentirane terapije i ples buđenja tijela, emocija i duha, te kao vrhunac naslikati dragulj naše ženskosti- svoju vaginu.
U našem parijarhalnom društvu vagine su tabu tema, a kad se o njima priča taj je govor omalovažavajuć i bez ljubavi, često i od strane žena samih.
Sve institucije zainteresirane su za ženu i njenu vaginu jedino u reproduktivnom smislu, a ni onda žena nije pošteđena od mizoginije i ponižavanja. Tek nedavno smo svjedočile neprijateljskim reakcijama i mržnji kad je zastupnica Lesandrić- Ninčević spustila pažnju javnosti na razinu vagine.
Da bismo zavoljele i prihvatile sebe, moramo odbaciti obrasce stida i zavoljeti i prihvatiti naše vagine. One su centar našeg postojanja u tijelu žene, pružaju nam radost, užitak, utjelovljuju našu žensku snagu i mudrost. Jednom kada to posvijestimo, više nam nitko to ne može poreći i oduzeti.
Promjena počinje od nas samih.♥
Radionica traje 3 sata a vode ju Andrea Weiss Sadeh i tjelesno orijentirana terapeutkinja Lana Kunštek. Na radionici nema skidanja ni opscenosti. Proces je intiman i iscjeljujuć za svaku sudionicu.
Cijena radionice je 280 kn, u što su uključeni svi materijali, boje i potreban pribor.
Broj polaznica ograničen je na 10 žena.
Minimum polaznica za održavanje radionice je 4 osobe.