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Creativity is primordial force in every woman. This force manifests through spontaneous expression of her creative instincts and grounded existance inside her own physical body in her everyday's life. In a creative act woman experiences pleasure, which gives her inspiration to continue being creative.

Each woman needs strong connection and presence in her own body to be creative. Spiritual aspect of a woman, as well as her purpose in life which is universal creation, are both being realized through her physical body. If a woman cuts off free flow of her feminine creative energy for any reason, be it complying to male principles in bussiness world, or patriarchal beliefs in her surroundings that condamn free flow of feminine energy, she will also cut off her free flow of joy, health and potential for personal growth. Reasons that make women continue with harmfull relationship with themselves are rooted in accepting and surrendering to false power maintained by patriarchal system of values and beliefs.

The true nature of every woman is her embodiement of goddess Shakti qualities.

Shakti is the Hindu goddess of primordial female energy, which created the Universe and all its contents. Her name means Power in Sanskrit. She is responsible for every shift on any level of existence in the Universe. The divine power of Shakti manifests itself in every woman, and the sole purpose of every woman is to radiate Shakti freely, without hindrance, in all its potential.

It is power of Shakti which brought to realization all the workshops in Pathways Centre, and each woman can experience Shakti’s energy through this work.

In an atmosphere of self-love and self-respect, feminine creativity releases healing energy on a collective as well as personal level. Women should therefore support one another in healing their personal wounds, with purpose to radiate Shakti freely and restore the balance disrupted by patriarchal values in the past 6000 years.

Engaging their courage and perseverence in the work offered by Pathways Centre workshops, women deal with their conditioned beliefs, attachments and fears, and claim their repressed power and strength. The quality of feminine power and strength is completely different from the common notions of strength and power in patriarchal society; they have nothing to do with authority, dominance or competition; Basic quality of feminine power and strength is ability to heal the world at every level of existence. Feeling the presence of her power and strength in her life, woman takes care of her physical, mental, and emotional health.

The purpose of female power is total creation in the service of Life, in all its aspects. Once released, this creativity can manifest in any area of a woman’s life: Approaching a work project with passion and inspiration, starting your own business, following a career shift or professional development turn, learning new skills, expanding your education, embracing motherhood, taking a creative hobby you love, investing in an equal relationship with your partner, gardening or taking care of animals, advocating and raising your voice against exploitation and abuse of nature and our beautiful planet Earth... There are no limitations or inaccessible areas for the creative expression of Shakti.

Until they have freed their Shakti energy completely, without fear or repression, women will carry pain in their hearts, and their pain will continue to circle the planet.

Workshops in Pathways Centre invite women to heal their hearts, restore powerful presence in their bodies, and express themselves as goddesses through their own creative work.