About Pathways Centre

Paths of Empowerment for Women 

What is Pathways Centre?

Pathways Center was established in 2004. by Andrea Weiss Sadeh. Andrea followed her own inner voice and need to help women reveal their authentic self and break away from the chains of patriarchy. The Pathways Centre is a place where women gather to recall and re-establish their connection with innate feminine creativity, power and self- love. The workshops and individual sessions offer you an opportunity to embrace the path of empowerment and change in a creative way. The purpose of this work is to help you express your authentic self easily in every domain of your life, as well as to create a strong field of self-respect and love.

Your authentic feminine nature is nature of radiant Goddess, and in Pathways Center we offer you  knowledge and support how to include her wisdom and radiance in your day-to-day activities.

How do we do that?

In small groups of women, or during individual sessions, you will be gently led to relax and express yourself by spontaneous painting, free movement and dance, conscious breathing and grounding in your body, visualisation and meditation. You will also experience support of other women in group and spontaneously open up to intimate sharing of your experiences and insights, witnessing healing process of your own and of each woman in the group.

During the workshops women have shown great interest, deep commitment and amazing courage in pursuing personal growth and changes in their lives. The gentle flow of energy that moves these workshops is self-love, since it is the only love that facilitates personal growth and conscious life change.

Andrea Weiss Sadeh

Author and facilitator of all Pathways Centre workshops, Andrea was born in Zagreb, Croatia, where she finished elementary and secondary school. She lived in Israel for twelve years, where she attended Art teacher training in informal education at the Beit Berl Art College. The informal education curriculum enabled her to learn how to create by herself contents of her workshops and individual sessions by recognizing and meeting unique needs of each group and person. Andrea also studied Art history and Philosophy at the Tel Aviv Open University, B.A. in Human Sciences.

In 1999. she began to work with children from socially disadvantaged groups and went on to work with adults who decided to introduce changes in their lives and break away from dead relationships. Providing support to women’s personal growth has been at the core of her creative work for last ten years.

In 2004. she founded the Pathways Centre- Creative centre for women’s health

In 2008. she attained Osho Art Therapy training at Puna, India.

In 2012. she attained Neo-Reichian Body Types and Body Reading facilitator training in Germany.

Since 2010. she has been participating in the Work of Enlightenment based on work of Keith Sherwood.

In 2016. she attended Dona education for doulas.

For many years Andrea has been dancing the 5 Rhythms, a method of movement by Gabrielle Roth, to whom she is infinitely grateful for eternal flow of inspiration and fascination with the human body. Also, she is a flamenco aficionado and amateur dancer, to which she owes gratitude for discovering freedom, courage and passion.

Apart from creating, facilitating and organising Pathways Centre activities, supporting women through their pregnancy, motherhood and menopause, she is a literary translator from Hebrew and English into Croatian.

She is a proud mother of three.

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